8 Types of Window Coverings

roller shades

The crisp look of molding around a bright, beautiful window is attractive and can make a statement in a room. At the same time, there’s nothing like the look of sunlight streaming softly through curtains. There are many both practical and aesthetic reasons you may choose to add window treatments to windows and glass doors. However, there are plenty of reasons to forgo window treatments as well.

It’s a difficult decision to make. Do you leave your windows as they are or do you cover them? If you do decide on window treatments, how do you determine what kind you need? From open, light-colored drapes, to blackout shades, shutters, and blinds, there is a wide selection of options. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

If only there were an easy way to decide! At MySunFree Blinds & Shades & Curtains, we’re here to help. This post will cover 8 types of window coverings.

1. Roller shades
Roller shades are one of the most affordable options when it comes to covering your windows. These shades roll up neatly onto a tube, making them appear minimal and discreet when raised. With blackout and light-filtering options, you can choose the amount of light control that you wish for any given room. mysunfree curtains These types of shades operate in a very simple mechanism; they hang flat near the window panes when lowered and roll onto a cylinder when raised. Many types of fabrics can be used in various colors to create the decor you are seeking. With the current technology, you can even print an image on the fabric for your window treatment. It’s cordless lift creates a clean look that makes your windows very lovely.

2. Panel track blinds
These blinds are a modern alternative to vertical blinds for covering large windows or sliding glass doors. They actually cover large spaces and are made of drapery and vertical blinds. They can also be mounted on the ceiling to work as a room divider. Panel track blinds are made out of a series of fabric panels that slide back and forth to give you optimal light control and privacy. It uses materials like basic solar screens, as well as natural woven wood to give you a marvelous decor.

3. Dual shades
The alternating opaque and sheer linear bands in our Dual Shades are both modern and masterful in guiding light and protecting privacy.
Dual shades combine solid fabric and alternating light-filtering and translucent material stripes and give you full control over light and privacy. These dual shades will gently diffuse the light into your room and block superior light when the shades are closed. Translucent and room-darkening fabrics are blended with a sheer or mesh fabric with varying degrees of openness. Innovative, fully enclosed bottom rail allows fabric to slide through smoothly for effortless operation and alignment. The fabric is concealed within the cassette headrail, providing an unobstructed view when the shades are raised.

4. Solar shades
This trendy shade type is gaining popularity among the new homeowners in Winnipeg due to its UV filtering capabilities while preserving your view of the outdoors. Solar shades are also known as “window sunglasses” for their opaque design that allows you to provide considerable light control. Available in openness factors ranging from 3- to 14-percent, you will want to choose a higher openness to let in more light and preserve your view. They save on energy cost since it insulates the house from outside heat, therefore lowering your cooling costs during summer.

5. Cellular shades
Cellular shades are the best insulators of all energy-efficient window treatments. They get their name and insulating properties from their fabric honeycomb cells that trap air and create a barrier between the window surface and the room, which helps to keep the warmth inside during the winter and cool inside during the summer. Cellular shades come in single cell, double cell, and triple cell. They also offer different levels of light control from light filtering to blackout. Unlike window blinds which are made of hard materials, they are made of a soft paper- or cloth-like materials. Typically, spun lace and bonded polyester are used, but other fabrics can be used during the manufacturing process.

6. Shutters
Shutters are a classic window treatment choice, adding architectural design directly to your windows. Shutters are a great value when you consider they actually add value to your home. They efficiently control light, offer adequate privacy while insulating the home from sound, heat and cold. They create that traditional sophistication to modern houses. The elegant design of shutters looks attractive from both the inside and the outside.

7. Sheer shades
Sheer Shades are those resplendent blinds that are also a shade, gently filtering light through transparent panels to create an ethereal glow. Sheer shades are an elegant window covering. These popular window treatments feature two sheer fabric facings over soft fabric vanes. When vanes are open, diffused light is let inside, and your view to the outside is preserved. When closed, however, room-darkening styles of sheer shades will completely block out light.

Draperies are a very vital element of interior decoration and therefore there are numerous shops and companies in Winnipeg that offer drapery services. Drapes are essential in protecting the house and family members form unwanted factors like over exposure of heat, cold or UV rays. It also prevents pests and insects from entering the house. Thus, drapes act as shields for your rooms.